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That Christian Omeshun Love Part 2!

christian omeshun

Hey Everyone so Valentines Day just passed. I hope none of my single ladies let the day of love bring them down. For years, Valentine’s Day has been a holiday reserved exclusively for those in a serious relationship, dating or married, meaning those of us not spending the day with a significant other often felt like we were missing out.

However, if Valentine’s Day is a celebration of “LOVE” like they say, it seems only right that we should spend it with whoever we love doing what we enjoy – even if that’s not necessarily a romantic partner. It can be spending time with your self, a pet or even some close friends.

I don’t think anyone should let one made up holiday make them feel sad and depressed just because they don’t have a significant other. I rather spend the day surrounded by friends letting them know how much I love and appreciate the support they give me every day. Life is already hard as a woman and being a black woman it’s even harder. So this year I got to celebrate Valentines Day again decked out in a fabulous dress from Christina Omeshun .The founder A’Shontay Hubbard based out of a ATL  makes custom made to dresses and outfits for women size 12-30+                                      (  Yesss to being size inclusive) I love that she caters to all body types in the plus size market whether big or small. My wonderful friend and fellow blogger Chardline gathered us all together to rock our custom made dresses to celebrate the joys of friendship and loving one another on Valentines Day.

The ladies and I all had fun feeling like goddess taking on the town. I loved being able to connect and chat with the ladies. Surrounding yourself with woman who support you and believe in you, tell you that you can achieve your dreams and that you are beautiful and intelligent, is invaluable. I couldn’t have asked for a better group of women to spend Valentines Day with. Now enough about that let’s get into these looks.


   CO Velvet Sparkle Gown


CO Velvet Ruffle Flare Set

CO Reversible Sequin Dress


CO Iridescent Sequin GownCO Kaftan Gown

CO Triple Ruffle Dress