Why Weight PT.2


Guess who’s back……back again Vana’s back tell a friend… That was my quick slim shady reference if any of you all are former Eminem fans. Can I take a moment to say THANK YOU to all my followers who read my last blog post you all are AMAZING!!

Anway, lets get into the nitty gritty of my life after weight loss surgery (wls) and the maintenance phase. Remember how I stated many think it’s the easy way out. Man, do I have news for you. It’s far from easy. It’s ten times harder than regular weight loss.

Life with a new stomach was like being a baby again and being introduced to food. I had to experiment with different foods and recipes to see what agreed with my new tummy. For example, I use to LOVEEEE eggs. I mean love! Afer WLS my taste buds did a huge 180 on me. When I saw eggs I couldn’t stand the look, smell or taste. Thank God years later that passed cause I love me a good egg white veggie omelet yummy!!! Some foods I could eat pre-surgery now gets me sick. For example (oranges and ice cream my tummy does not like it). Along with changing my eating, I had to introduce daily vitamins into my everyday life to make up for any lost nutrients; I wasn’t getting due to eating less. Taking vitamins honestly isn’t so bad because some vitamins gives you energy like B12 and others help with stronger bones like the calcium.

Now here’s where the struggle comes in. Staying active and sticking with it all… My has that been a struggle. I have stopped and restarted my workouts so many times I’ve lost count. What you have to remember is keep pushing. You’ll have days you don’t want to be bothered but always push through because you’ve come way too far. I mean we are only human. I always tell folks trying to stay consistent with choosing the right food and working out is a major challenge. Yes, I have my bad days, and I have my good. We got to to be like the little engine that could and keep saying I think I can I think can CHOO CHOO ha ha. So for the year of 2017, I’m committing fully back to my works outs and taking more time to take better care of me!!!!

Again thanks so much for being so supportive, liking and sharing my story I so appreciate it. You all motivate me to be a better person.

Do any of you all have stuff you want to accomplish let me know, and we can chat. Till next time Owl see ya later!!!
Love Vana