Sustainable Fashion Is In #RethinkReuse

Hey, everyone, some may not know but its Earth Month! Which means we all need to do our part on keeping Earth healthy and sustainable. There are so many ways we can contribute such as recycling bottles, using a mesh bag at a grocery store or even donating unwanted clothes at a local Savers. I was approached by my fellow blogger friend Chardline to link up with a few other Boston bloggers on a special project. The wonderful folks at Savers reached out to us about collaborating to show how sustainable fashion can help the world and be fun all at the same time.

The Ladies and I all met up at our local Savers on Saturday morning and was each given a complimentary $20.00 gift card to help put our outfits together. If you’re old to my blog then you know I am an AVID thrift shopper and Savers happens to be my second home. I love thrifting because it gives you a chance to find one of kind pieces. Another reason I enjoy thrifting  is because instead of unwanted clothes going to a landfill in the garbage, I can now reuse a shirt that someone thought was trash and make it cool again. Did you know it can take up to 700 gallons of water just to produce one new shirt…That’s crazy we could do so much more with all that water wasted for one little piece of clothing. The ladies and I were so shocked at the facts it made this shopping trip even more meaningful. I had a great time browsing the racks and felt inspired to play with colors that represent the Earth.

Savers thrifted fashion

My whole outfit except for the shoes was thrifted for less than $20.00 bucks ( I even had left over for two other pieces ha ha). I don’t know about y’all but I love a good bargain. My pants which are my fav color royal blue were $3.50 and reminded me of the ocean. My black crop top was $3.50 and last but not least my kimono. The kimono was my favorite find because not only does it make a statement, it was brand new with original tags all for $2.50. I know for sure you’ll be seeing more of that kimono in my outfits this spring/summer. So in total my outfit was $9.50 ( what a steal). I got a cute fun outfit that is stylish and even helped recycle some clothes that someone didn’t want or use. I think more folks should try thrifting you never know what you can find. Unlike going to the mall with the same styles on the rack your local Savers gets new stuff in everyday.

Savers Thrifted Fashion

Savers Thrifted Fashion

Savers Thrifted Fashion

I hope you all enjoyed this post and take a trip to Savers and recycle any old clothing no matter good or bad. We only get one planet to live on and we have to take care of this beautiful place we call home. Big thanks to Savers and Chardline for letting us join in on such an awesome project. Thanks to Veronica with the work behind the lens. Make sure to check out Savers State Of Reuse Report for more facts and suggestions on what to do with unwanted clothing. Be sure to stop by the other ladies Bianca,Chardline, Veronica and Genevieve post to see the goodies they scored.

Until next time thanks for stopping by,

Love Vana