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Untied Kingdom Vacation Recap

As you all may have perviously read I just came back from a trip to London on a deal that was too good to pass up. If you haven’t read my pervious post on 10 things to know before visiting London well go check it out here. Lets jump into the details of the trip. I booked my trip totally out of just wanting to be away for my Bday and celebrate elsewhere other than home. I always loved London since I was younger. I grew up loving The Spice Girls, SClub7, Cleopatra oh and lets not forget Austin Powers who all made London look cool (90’s babies know what i’m talking about). I traveled to London for about 8 days and loved every minute of it. My Friend Alex and I really enjoyed the atmosphere of the country. Heres what I did on my adventure.

Day 1

We were kind of tired from the 6hr flight but we sucked it up and took the train to Picadilly Circus to check out the scene and go search for some food. We had lunch at a local place near by called Garfunkel’s which kind of reminded me of our Fridays. Alex had the Fish and Chips while I had the Scampi Basket. After exploring the city we were pretty tired so we headed back to our Airbnb flat to get some rest before our train ride to Paris.






Day 2-3

We spent the next two days in the wonderful city of Paris. We took the Eurostar which is a 2 hr train ride from London to Paris. Being in Paris was simply breathtaking, from the architecture to the way the ambience set the mood for the whole city. Since we wanted to explore the the city we took a ‘Hop-On-Hop-Off’ tour bus that offered a river cruise down the Seine River. Paris truly is so full of history and style. It was great listening to everyone speak French and be so full of life. The food was everything I expected and more. I fell in love with Pizza all over again at a little spot we found next to the Eiffel Tower. I would love to go back. Simply because a day in a half just wasn’t enough! But you know what?  I’m so happy I can say I have been and enjoyed every moment of it.








Day 4-6

The next few days was simply enjoyable, and to be honest is when the real fun began. We took a ride on the famous Coca Cola London Eye, which many think is a giant Ferris wheel but it’s actually a cantilevered observation wheel. The London eye has 32 capsules to ride in and on a good clear day you can see about 40 km (25 miles) from the top of the London Eye. The day we went was gorgeous out so I was able to get some beautiful shots of the city. After the loop around on the London Eye it was time for another River Cruise on the Thames River. It was a bit chilly on the water but it was great getting some history on the city of London while cruising the open water, waving at everyone on the bridges and sidewalks. As if the London Eye and cruise wasn’t enough I then checked out the Sea Life London Aquarium which was really cool. I loved seeing all the various aquatic creatures and being able to interact with the penguins (one of them was totally ‘hamming it up’ for the cameras lol).






After all the fun and adventure in both cities, the last thing  I had to do before leaving London was AFTERNOON TEA. Now anyone who knows me knows I’m a lover of tea mostly ice tea but I drink literally any kind of tea. Just make sure you hold the sugar please and definitely any form of cream. I decided to indulge at Patisserie Valerie for my Afternoon Tea fix( it’s kind of like Starbucks but BETTER). It was such a cute set up from the way they organized the savory treats on the bottom and desserts the on top. I really enjoyed the quiche and finger sandwiches. The best part though was the SCONES which I smothered with black currant jam and clotted cream, SO YUMMMMMMY!



Going to Europe and exploring a completely different country will surely go down in the books. I’m happy I can say I got to see a new place and experience life in such a unique way than what I’m use to. I hope you all enjoyed the pics, Also make sure to stop by Alex’s  page he took tons of amazing shots. I think everyone should  get up and explore the world. Until my next travel adventure! Owls see ya later